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Boss - Amelia Wing Back_0238.jpg

The Amelia Wing Chair Collection - Boss - 2021

Best of NeoCon 2022 Gold Winner

Amelia is a light and modern take on the classic wingback lounge chair that softens the lines between office, hospitality and home settings. Available on a multitude of bases including a new wooden four star swivel, Amelia's versatility ensures this elegant chair will fit any space. 

The result of a prototype-hungry design process. Iteration after iteration, the traditionally wingback form has been refined, slimmed and augmented to create something light and modern, without denying its classic heritage. 

Amelia's wonderful organic ribbon like form, a single line that delineating Amelia's form is also its single seam and master upholsterers can cover it in a plethora of fabrics and leathers to suite into any environment. 

A beautiful and elegant modern classic. 

Lead upholsterers - Kevin Davis / Steve Bloomer.

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